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Our Culture

SSK is comprised of countless dedicated and assiduous staff. We adhere to a people-oriented corporate culture, particularly regarding a focus on helping people shape their career direction and realise their achievements. We persist in fostering an atmosphere of mutual learning, willingness to share, solidarity and friendship, achieving a beneficial reality for both the business and staff.  

SSK Beliefs

Our Six Requirements

We must be liable to our customers;

We must pursue the innovation of our products;

We must ensure the exceptional quality of our products;

We must persist in continuing to make our processes more efficient;

We must maintain the rapid and accurate completion of orders;

We must ensure that our distributors earn a fair profit.

Our Obligations to Staff

We must be responsible for our employees;

Staff must be treated with dignity within the company;

Their salaries must be fair and appropriate;

Their benefits must be protected in accordance with the law;

They must have a fair opportunity for promotion within the company;

They must have a clean and safe working environment.

Our Obligations to Shareholders

We must be accountable to our shareholders

We must persist in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation;

We must earn considerable profits;

We have to reserve funds to support the development of new projects, rectify missteps and prepare for uncertain markets

After these obligations have been met, our shareholders deserve a fair return on investment.

Our Obligations to Society

We must be responsible for society;

We must legally pay taxes;

We must operate the company in accordance with the law;

We must strive to protect the community environment and maintain order within the community.